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Top Tips to ensure your Job search strategy

Even your job search needs a strategy Advice on the job search is ten a penny and countless books have been  written about the best way to find your next […]

How do you overcome the interview nightmare

Nightmare or dream interview? Headingley has begun to see its annual surge of cars packed to the rafters with everything a student might need for the new term, as Leeds […]

Louise answers more of your questions on the unadvertised job market- the facts not smoke and mirrors

Does the unadvertised job market exist? There are countless myths surrounding the unadvertised job market, statistics are banded about suggesting that anywhere between 70–80% is in the hidden job market. […]

Steps to looking on the brightside….handling redundancy

Staying positive through the redundancy journey Redundancy has become a fact of Yorkshire life recently with many of us being touched either directly or indirectly. Many more are still living […]

A Bank Holiday of Excuses

Do you look for excuses not to job search or do they find you? The nights are lighter the weather is better and suddenly a number of executive job seekers […]

How interesting is your CV?

CVs are often subjective with opinion split on everything from length, content even font. One of the issues that reared its head recently is whether or not to include personal […]

Customer Service in a Spin

I was delivering training to a great group Customer Service Advisors of recently- the team leader felt that internal standards were dropping and that calls had become more friendly chats. […]

Customer Service Training

Sales or Service? I often talk about the perception of “service” in this country- I am of the belief that we expect little and quite often an organisation or individual […]

Was Job Searching your New Years Resolution?

Was finding a new position one of your resolutions for 2012? January is certainly proving to be an early spring in terms of job seeking for many- this week is […]

Is it time to come out of your Cocoon?

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you feeling like there is more to you than your current role? Do you have the burning desire to take control of your […]

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