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DiSC® profiles designed to harness the power of communication

Do you get frustrated when individuals or different departments struggle to communicate with others, or you simply do not understand why that customer is so difficult to handle? Why is that team member so hard to manage compared to the rest of the team?

  • Understand yourself: how you respond to conflict, your motivators and stressors, and how you solve problems
  • Improve working relationships by changing and adapting to your audience
  • Reduce conflict and improve team communication
  • Develop stronger relationship skills by identifying and responding to customer style
  • Lead teams more effectively and understand how to praise and motivate those around you

With an interactive work shop you can harness the power of these bespoke profiles to ensure you are able to be adaptable and change to communicate with those who are different. Why do they always need it in writing? Why don’t they say what they mean and so on…..

Supported by a detailed report each individual will understand more about them, more about the people around them and get practical hints on how to handle those conversations, motivate them and make communication simpler.

Everything DiSC Workplace®

If you and your team need to communicate better this profile could be the key to unlocking your potential. By understanding the DiSC® tool and what it means to you, your reactions, your motivators and stressors. You also receive a comprehensive personal report that enables you to build more effective relationships, and improve the atmosphere and team ethos in your  work environment. It can be used to demonstrate to each team member how they can adapt to their audience, communicate in a way they are going to understand.

Everything DiSC Management®

If you could be presented with a document that suddenly showed you how to get the best out of each of your  employees, you would grasp as the chance I am sure. This is what Everything DiSC Management® provides you. First off  you begin to understand all about yourself, how do you react and how do you behave in stressful situations.You learn how to read employee styles and adapt your own management style to ensure the team become more effective. All of this and then a detailed breakdown on how to approach the different personality types so that you always stay one step ahead, how to motivate them, provide feedback and guidance, how to coach and most importantly how to play to their strengths.

What our clients say

  • “Louise, thanks very much for yesterday, it was extremely useful, and will definitely reap rewards for both myself and my company. I only wish I could have you with me everyday!” – James B
  • “Inspiring and entertaining, Louise made it all make sense! – Audrey M
  • ““Having worked with Louise before, I chose the training and coaching option, having Gatewood Consulting on site meant that my Management team embraced the training and more importantly put it in to action. The ongoing support was worth the investment as I could trust her to fix the problems we had…..and I’m delighted to say she did!” – Matt B


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