Who is in control of your flight path?

In between training in Leeds and Woking last week I had to hop on a plane to Heathrow, flying certainly focuses the mind, isolating me from all technology and gave me some much needed thinking time.


Come in Control

The flight took off on time, a smooth journey to Heathrow flying at 8325 ft at a ground speed of 474 mph- the Captain announced he was hopeful of an early landing…..but wait. Air traffic control say No! Heathrow was currently too busy and no slot was available, the plane would have to circle until we were given the go ahead.

Having worked with numerous businesses recently on defining their goals, it suddenly struck me how many people are awaiting that one elusive slot, hedging all their bets on a single client, the prospect that they are sure will one day say Yes! Is it true that some people are able to relinquish control of their goals and objectives and their business direction?


Are you on Auto Pilot?

As a passenger on the plane we trust all of those around us to make things happen sit back and put your feet up until you arrive in your destination. Two clients I have been working with recently had become so caught up in working on contracts they were able to switch to auto pilot. There was little that they needed to do and work had a momentum of its own. Suddenly contract end? Luckily in the case of both clients it did not come as a complete surprise.

Follow your own path

The key to a successful business is ensuring that you keep an eye on the flight path you want to follow, not always taking every opportunity, not watering down your proposition –focusing on the business you want to win. Is it time to take a step back?  If you need to get a focus and take control of your business contact us

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