The Learning Game the Importance of the Seven Steps to the Annual Self Appraisal (part 2)

lr3Last week I explained the first three steps of the Seven Steps to Career Consciousness Self Appraisal and how to set your own objectives for 2017. Following my recommendation to check in every month to evaluate the impact you have made on your current organisation. What have you been working on? What you they learnt? What do you need to do next? Are you ready for steps four to seven?

  • 4) Application sensation!

It ‘aint what you say it’s the way that you say it. I love that moment when a client reads their new CV for the first time – when they suddenly see themselves through different and objective eyes. Sometimes they don’t even recognise themselves as the person in the CV. This is often because we down play our achievements and assume the reader can fill in the blanks or join the dots. In truth perception is reality and we believe what we see.


In the same way the Photography Trainer showed us how to enhance our photographs. Using a free Adobe Light room tool were shown how to take pictures from being dull and unclear, lightening skies and sharpening images. Presenting the image we wanted people to see rather than the real image. This is no different to the image we present during the job search- how can you ensure you are polished and putting the “perfect” image across. I use the phrase “what makes you special and different” what was different about the way you approached the task and what was your special? We are surrounded by perfect images – this is the same as putting across your best impression.

5) Let’s talk the talk

You have the image on paper – how are you going to verbalise this? The self appraisal is quite often a case of talking to your manager and shaping your career and development goals. The more you can initiate your career direction, the more you can retain control of your path and shape the role. The Seven Steps to Career Consciousness is an ever changing plan.lr2

If you are job searching then practice, practice, practice is the answer. Run through the interview questions and check that you have the right responses ready. Never leave it until the interview – you never get a second change to make that first impression. It is your story – you should be well versed in how to sell it.

6) Recruiters, rejection & networking

For the purpose of the self appraisal I am going to focus on the networking element, all too often people are quick to look outside their organisation and not consider those that are closest. Find a mentor within your organisation, learn from those around you – show an interest in other areas and ensure that you are visible to those than can support and influence your journey.

I picked to learn from one of the most talented photographers I know, but also one who knew how to get the best from me, and one who also knew that I wouldn’t want to get dirty so not to push me too far from my comfort zone. Some of the other peoples were willing to wade in water for the perfect shot! (Some did not entirely choose to end up with wet feet however!)

 7) Be kind to your mind

I talk a lot about positivity and being kind to your mind – in the self appraisal this is a must. We tend to focus heavily on the things we do not do well, rather than the things we have achieved. Take the time to appreciate just how far you have come this year, all of the things you have learnt. Put a note in the diary to check back every 30 days and ensure that you are still on track. Every step forward is another step closer to finding your dream job, or securing that next promotion.


Being kind to your mind also means taking time to relax – this is the perfect occasion to step off the hamster wheel and spend some time celebrating with your nearest and dearest. Have a very successful 2017 and may it bring you all the job satisfaction you deserve. We would love to hear about your 2016 successes – do get in touch!