Even your job search needs a strategy

Advice on the job search is ten a penny and countless books have been  written about the best way to find your next position and more than 1001 ways to present your CV. Advice is both confusing and conflicting and this does not take into account every  individuals situation or the current job market in economic climate.

What about the job market?

The job market has certainly been tough throughout the recession and is challenging to all job seekers no matter what stage of the career you have secured. One of the common issues faced by Yorkshire job seekers is a lack of understanding about the time it takes from being made redundant to securing a new position, it can take months as opposed to weeks. At a Senior level this process takes even longer.

Theory into Practice – questions to ask yourself 

  • Do you have a plan for your job search? What is your job search goal  and what are the steps you need to take to achieve it?
  • Do you have your business head on and are you looking at yourself objectively?
  • If you were to define yourself as a product- What are your USP’s? What type of buyers would be interested in you? Have you spoken to other people to evaluate the viability of your plan
  • Do your marketing tools reflect that plan and give you the best chance of securing your next role.
  • Have you got your networking message clear? 70 -80% of the job roles fall in the unadvertised market are you approaching it in the right way?
  • How many hours have you spent practicing for interviews? You cannot expect to shine if you have not polished our performance.

We find our networking training is one of our most popular sessions as no one has ever really explained the rules of the games to them. Have you got your pitch ready do you know what you are selling? One Leeds client, David an Architect was made redundant a year ago. He admitted his strategy was all about trawling through job boards and  relying on recruiters. He was embarrassed about approaching his contacts and assumed they would remember his situation and keep him informed about potential vacancies. Without a plan this id not work. Once he put a plan of action in place his confidence grew and he quickly secured a new position. What is holding you back in your job search?

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