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Is it time to come out of your Cocoon?

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you feeling like there is more to you than your current role? Do you have the burning desire to take control of your destiny and start your own business? Are you sick of the daily grind and long for more flexibility and freedom? A recent article said one in four feel stuck in a rut. Too many people spend their life wondering, “What if....” Are you waiting for divine intervention? Sometimes there needs to be an intervention- a caterpillar knows that it can change into something spectacular and magical, it instinctively knows the steps to take. All too often people cocoon themselves in what they feel is a secure position, a lifelong career- this hardened silk is symbolic of the life pressure that traps too many, money, mortgages, pensions, all add more pressure to stay on the hamster wheel and keep living the corporate life. The Transformation Process A caterpillar will go through its transformation between ten days and several months, a mere fraction of our working life. Can you even remember what attracted you to your current career? How can you break out of the Cocoon and show the world your wings? Is your passion for your job on the brink of death? A caterpillar has to go through partial death before it can transform, not unlike humans, sometimes it takes the shock of redundancy, a family death, divorce or other life changing event to make people realise there can be much more to life.  We learn to value the important things in our life, our health, happiness our free time. Breaking out of the Shell Over the years I have coached hundreds of clients to realise their true potential, I have worked with them to break out of the Cocoon and spread their wings. Many of these clients have been people who never dreamt that they would work for themselves-they were held back by fear. The fear can be as crippling as a Cocoon and every now and again we need a helping hand. If you are looking to break out of your current shell, get back into work after a period of unemployment, kick start your new business then it could be time to ask for the help you need. An objective eye can ensure you see the true beauty in your new found wings and allow the butterfly effect send shock waves through your life. Contact us for an initial free consultation Find out more about one to one career coaching


Rachel - 04/24/2012 , 10:32 PM Reply


I really enjoyed reading this blog it made me thinkg about my career differently.

I have lots of ideas and now I am thinking about how to make them happen- Thank You

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