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Sales Training and achieving success

"Success comes to the person who does today what you were thinking about doing tomorrow"


Sales Training has never been more relevant and more important than in today’s market place. Empowering team members with the skills, knowledge and positive attitude to deliver the right solutions to your customer and stay ahead of the game. Our courses are designed to make your team embrace different ways of thinking and put the needs of your customer at the very heart of what they do whilst committing to deliver a quality service. A mixture of our sales and coaching can ensure that you get the results you need.

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Sales Training – designed to suit your needs

Call now to discuss how our flexible and tailor made solutions are right for you. Options include:

  • Understanding the sales process
  • Embracing the importance of listening and questioning
  • Developing effective fact finding skills
  • Encouraging participation
  • Using confident and positive Language
  • Expert communication skills
  • Delivering above expectations
  • Developing strong Negotiation Skills
  • Handling objections
  • Developing accounts and building relationships
  • Coaching sales people
  • Delivering on promises

What our clients say

  • “Louise, thanks very much for yesterday, it was extremely useful, and will definitely reap rewards for both myself and my company. I only wish I could have you with me everyday!” – James B
  • “Inspiring and entertaining, Louise made it all make sense! – Audrey M
  • “The classified advertising sales team at Newsquest had fallen behind in terms of sales techniques, processes, quality control and customer service to meet the needs of the customers in the current climate. Staff were resistant to change and suspicious of new people.Louise came into to deliver a telesales training programme and was able to quickly build trust with the team without compromising on standards, had a significant impact on quality as well as helping the sales executives identify new opportunities. Her work delivered significant return on investment in her time on the sales floor! Her work is highly recommended.” – Mike B, Newsquest
  • “Having worked with Louise before, I chose the training and coaching option, having Gatewood Consulting on site meant that my Management team embraced the training and more importantly put it in to action. The ongoing support was worth the investment as I could trust her to fix the problems we had…..and I’m delighted to say she did!” – Matt B


Our practical one day training can be delivered on your site or at a local venue to ensure that your team get the best results and start getting the best ROI from your teams.

Up to 10 Delegates £995 Book Now!
1 to 3 Delegates £795 Book Now!
Coaching Days £795 Book Now!

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