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Business Skills Training; Business Coaching; DiSC Certification; Outplacement

Gatewood Consulting Ltd was established by Louise Lapish in 2010 due to her fundamental passion and proven expertise in helping individuals and organisations improve their performance, motivation and results.
 After all who says “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?”
In fact being able to constantly change and adapt enables all of us to survive in business. Getting out of that rut, finally being able to see the woods for the trees, becomes reality with practical “Yorkshire Coaching”. After all if we all spent more time listening, rather than barking we would all be happier and more productive.
Louise and her team deliver coaching and training services that increase confidence, improves performance and enables success. The client is always at the heart of everything her team delivers. The Consultants and Associates have varied experience in recruitment, HR, Outplacement, Career Coaching and training across multiple market sectors. All of our team have hands on experience and a proven track record in management as well as upholding Gatewood’s passion for improving people performance.
The client is always at the heart of our training and coaching, we inspire individuals and improve organisations
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