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Business Skills Training; Business Coaching; DiSC Certification; Outplacement

Career Coaching, Redundancy Support & Outplacement

Coaching is about you taking control and making the changes required to secure your career goals, even if you are not sure what that career should be. If you are doing something you love you gain 5 extra days per week!

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Business coaching and support – How can it help you?

Gatewood Consulting have specialist coaches working with New Consultants, Start Ups, Micro Businesses and Franchisees giving you confidence to set and achieve goals, overcome individual hurdles like Time Management, People Management, handling growth and ensure you embed effective processes to secure long term success and help you win new business.

With some of our larger clients, we have turned around underperforming teams, coached managers and increased productivity as well as identifying knowledge and skills gap. An objective eye can be enough to get your business back on track.

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