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Rating your job search activity

My clients often come to me as they have been job searching for weeks, if not months with no results. They may have spent time reading about what they should do, making alterations to their CV and chasing recruiters who never return calls, they get the same results from the same activity. I always ask the question “What would you do if you were working and your project was not bringing results.” They always answer they would do something different, change the plan, take a different course, yet this is not something they implement into their job search strategy. Why is this? Invariably it’s because people don’t know what other routes they should be taking and those who do know are uncomfortable with the approaches. Are you demonstrating the behaviours an employer would look for if they were to take you on? Is it time for you to assess your own job search? Firstly are you 100% committed to securing a new position? If you are in employment what would your ideal job look like? If you are unemployed then do you need a split strategy? Are you seeking income replacement as well as a new position? What return have you had on your job search activity so far? How many interviews have you attended? What has the feedback been? What message are you giving potential employers and network contacts? If you are answering the questions and realising that your strategy is not working then it is time to make changes. The industry reports that 80% of jobs are unadvertised, are you only fishing in that 20% pool? What can you change to get better results. Perhaps your CV needs an objective overhaul, or your interview techniques need a polish or you simply need to do something different. Never be afraid to ask for help, ask your friends and peers for honest feedback. Think about your USPs and how you can stand out in the market place. It will always be the differences that make you stand out to a potential employer. The most important thing is to remember you only need one job, it may be a roller coaster ride to secure it, this should make you better prepared next time. In times like these you should never stop job searching, keep an eye out for the next opportunity internally and externally. The only person who can make the change and secure that next position is you – make the changes to get the results you deserve.


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